About this project

This project provides users with 6in4(sit) tunnel free of charge.
We emulated the Rugular Tunnel of tunnelbroker and implemented most of the functions.
We provide / 64 "native ipv6" for users.



I think we have two advantages for you to use Shira Tunnel.
We offer "native ipv6"
In some areas, our network latency is relatively low.
We announce IPv6 through ISP or BGP tunnel on the server, and then assign them to customers through 6in4(sit) tunnel.
BGP Tunnel are similar to Regular Tunnel. The purpose of BGP Tunnel is not to provide users with 6in4 services, but to let users use it for IP announcement.
The ISP of some of our nodes does not provide IP announcement service. For these servers, we use the BGP Tunnel provided by tunnelbroker or other ISPs to announce ip.
Ordinary users don't need to understand this. For customers, the nodes using BGP Tunnel are exactly the same as the general nodes.
Tunnel broker now provides very good services. In most cases, tunnelbroker can meet the requirements, but tunnelbroker IPv6 address has been marked as ISP/VPN, which means it can not be used to access some services (Example:Netfix), while the IPv6 address we provide is not marked, so we can use our IPv6 address to access these services.
We don't have so many IPv6 blocks available at present, we only provide / 64 prefixes at present.
When we get enough IPv6 blocks, we will consider offering them.
Because we don't have our own infrastructure, we can't provide BGP Tunnel at present.
We do not support setting rDNS records for the time being.
We don't have our own DNS server, we use NS1 service, if we provide rDNS record settings for users, the cost will be expensive.
We provide an Update API for all, which dynamic IP users can use to change client IP.
You can find the API information on the Tunnel detail page. The parameters and responses of our API are exactly the same as those of the tunnelbroker api.
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